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Lissette F. Hernandez

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Our Mission

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Our Vision

Once horses are fully rehabilitated, we strive to provide opportunities for them to change people's lives through equine-assisted activities and therapies.

Engaging with horses provides therapeutic properties that helps individuals gain self-confidence and self-reliance.  


  • 85% of first-time owners get rid of their horses within five years.

  • Approx. 152,000 horses a year are slaughtered for human consumption abroad.

  • 92.3% of horses going to slaughter are in their prime (7-10 years old)

Established in 2016, St. Jude Horse Rescue is dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating horses to save them from cruelty, neglect, and inhumane slaughter.  Horses are given the much needed attention, nutritional support and care to get them back to being healthy and happy.    



  • Collaborate with other professionals and rescues to provide awareness about equine needs and standards for proper care and owner responsibility.
  • Create a therapeutic program that individuals can participate in and benefit from.
  • Develop a reliable volunteer program that can also help with fundraising and promotional events.

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